Learn To Swim With Chris Viero Swim School Policies

Welcome to our Swim School!

We hope your stay with us is both enjoyable and rewarding.

  • Our Team

    Learn to Swim with Chris Viero is owned and operated by Chris and Frank Viero. We have a dedicated team of teachers who are very well qualified and experienced.

  • Our Classes and Our Environment

    We as a swim school offer small classes through to mini squad classes.  Our 25m pool is heated and fully shaded while our 12.5m pool is fully enclosed and heated for swimmers who wish to swim in the cooler months.  There is a shaded waiting area which is fully fenced for the parents to view their children’s lesson and change room and shower.  There is also a Kiosk/Office for any enquiries with accounts, lessons or swimming gear purchasing; drinks and food can also be purchased.

  • Swim Cap Policy

    Swim caps are compulsory for all swimmers with long hair: male or female.  In keeping with updated Health recommendations all swimmers are required to wear a swim cap during swim lessons.  This will not affect the baby classes.  Wearing a swim cap significantly reduces hair loss into our pool.  This directly means less chemicals added to the water and therefore better water conditions for you and your child.  Caps also assist swimmers with swimming particularly when learning to side breath.  Boys and girls with very short hair are not required to wear a swim cap, but they also do assist in keeping goggles in place, and in doing so are a good idea.

  • Goggles

    While it’s important for children to learn to swim without wearing goggles and to NOT become completely dependent on wearing them, it’s also vital that children are relaxed in the water in order to learn to swim well.

    Goggles are brilliant in aiding a child to relax in the water.  They assist in dissolving fear of the unknown under the water and they can also be a safety aid as well, helping children to see any obstacles that may be in the water.  We recommend all children in learn to swim classes and mini squad wear goggles during their swimming lessons.  We have a range of quality goggles available in the Kiosk/Office to fit all faces and ages.  Prices range from $15.00 – $30.00.  Please ask our staff for assistance in selecting the right pair for your child.

  • Wet Weather Policy

    Swimming will not be cancelled unless the weather is bad for a long period of time or any mechanical failure of our pool system. Should any of this occur you will be notified by telephone, text or email.

  • Our Programme

    At our swim school we are proud of the way we provide individual programmes for each child and where necessary one on one teaching.  We offer programmes from infants to the elderly.

  • Accounts, Discounts and Payments

    Payment options include Cash, Cheque, Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard and Online Banking.  Invoices will be issued at the start of the season and payment is due within 14 days.  Any merchandise purchased and added to your account must be paid within 7 days of merchandise being purchased.  Our policy is no refunds of accounts once you agree to the lessons you are booking.  However, should any unforeseen circumstances occur please contact Chris Viero immediately to discuss your account and booked lessons.

    Discounts are given to families with more than one child swimming with us.

    • Child One – $12.00 per Lesson
    • Child Two – $11.50 per Lesson
    • Child Three – $11.00 per Lesson
    • Child Four – $10.50 per Lesson

    All accounts must be settled in full within 14 Days of invoices being issued.

  • Child Supervision

    While children are waiting for their lesson to begin and after their lesson is finished, parents are responsible for their child.  Teaching staff are only responsible for the child while the lesson is in progress.

  • Certificates

    During the swimming season in April we do individual ability and performance tests on all our students. This is to make sure they are retaining what they are learning and are in the right level for their ability.  We issue a Learn To Swim Certificate with the level that they are able to do at the end of the tests.  We have found these Certificates give our students a boost in confidence when in the water.

  • Photographs of Students

    In December we do underwater photos of all our students as a gift.  These photographs are then presented to the students. Consent to have the students photo taken must be given by the parent / guardian on the Swimming Consent Form.  If you have any questions or concerns then please see Chris and her staff.


Class Name & Ratio Teacher:StudentLesson Frequency & Length of LessonPrice per Lesson
Baby Class 1:6½ Hr Lesson Once per Week$10.00
Learn to Swim Beginner 1:2½ Hr Lesson Twice per Week$12.00
Learn to Swim Intermediate 1:3½ Hr Lesson Twice per Week$12.00
Mini Squad Lesson 1:61 Hr Lesson Once/Twice per Week$13.00
Squad 1:91 Hr Lesson Once/Twice per Week$13.00